van Onna, Verwoerd,

We are van Onna Verwoerd.
A small studio, with big ideas. We work for clients in different segments of the market. We create communcation for all kinds of media.

Johannes and Nikki go back a long way. They joined forces after two projects they did together, It went really well, or so they say.

In the past Nikki worked for 't Brandt Weer, NLXL and Studio Dumbar.

Johannes worked for Frame Publishers and received the startstipendia two rows running from the Mondriaan Fund.
We create noise, flyers,
identities, logo's, stationary, cards, animations, presentations, realitychecks
teasers, campaigns, invites, flyers, posters, bad jokes, digital flyers
invitations, postcards and
books, magazines, folders, newspapers, brochures
objects, sculptures, experiences, exhibitions
sometimes other stuff.
mistakes, new friends, cakes, tajines, salads, speeches, monologues, groupmails, more enemies, sandwiches, love not war,
We previously worked
for Zwerfkei,
Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Joep van Lieshout, Nederlands Letterenfonds, Museum Hilversum, Foyer (Felix &Foam), Lard Buurman, The Vincent Award, College Hotel, DK Home, Edward van Vliet, Embassy of Bolivia, Huygens Tentoonstelling, The Great Indoors Award, A'dam Turkish Film Festival, Beyond Expression, Fokker Concept, Whack Smack Bang, XPEX, Zwerfkei, Amsterdamse Conserven Maatschapij, Caro Isern
We always try to bare essentials.
In our work we look for simple, effective ways to communicate. Our starting point is usually a modest idea. We try to embrace that idea as much as possible, and then visualize it in the most convincing way. We do not want to put ourself too much in between the client and the message.

We try to be brains instead of a sauce that can be thrown over every assignment. (Helveticasauce, Two tone silkscreensauce, Neoncoloursauce, Cyansauce etc.). Like everyone else we try to be original, and sometimes we even succeed.
We are inspired by many things,
for instance the street.
But most of the time we are not even that inspired by default. Assignments give the energy really. We can answer, adapt, (dis)agree and start working.
If you want ,

Nikki and Johannes


van Onna, Verwoerd,

de Wittenstraat 27
1052 AK Amsterdam

+31 (0)6 41 91 03 38

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